Raleigh investment firm trades tradition for traction

Oct 18, 2023

Raleigh, N.C. – (Oct. 12, 2023) – Tradition is a hallmark of banking, investing and finance institutions, but not for Raleigh investment firm TradeWinds. Tradition has no place in a company bent on shaking up the system and blazing its own trail. Breaking these norms is a large part of what TradeWinds cites as its key to growth, employee retention and overall success within a tradition-laden industry.

“I started this firm as a direct result of a corroding culture within the major institutions,” says TradeWinds founder and CEO Tim Whitney. “That’s why we insist on establishing cultural imperatives that support employees and clients alike…and it’s a welcome change for many.”

TradeWinds is committed to meeting client needs, and the proof is in the recent office expansion that doubled the firm’s footprint. The new TradeWinds office, located at 4600 Marriott Drive, Suite 200 in Raleigh, gives the company room to add team members, and it could add even more if not for the creation of a family room where clients with children can play, read, work, or watch a show in a safe, relaxed environment.

“As a father of four, I want my kids to see that integrity must be practiced at home and at work, so if we tell employees and clients that our values align with theirs, then we better live that out,” says Whitney. “If that means creating a space that supports families, or hiring people with diverse perspectives, or going above and beyond to create systems that work better, then we’ll do that every single time. We aren’t tied to traditional big firm methods, and thinking outside the box is beneficial for everyone in our sphere.”

From scrapping the traditional financial planning document to embracing artificial intelligence, TradeWinds often goes the extra mile for client satisfaction. The group even pulls together a client advisory board each quarter to provide real-time feedback to executives on what’s working and what’s not.

“No firm should demand from the top down,” says firm president, Stephanie Williams, CFP®. “Client input and leadership are invaluable to our team because their collective insights paired with our deep industry knowledge determine the course of our business.”

Whitney recently promoted Williams to president of TradeWinds. The twenty-year finance industry veteran knows first-hand how unique it is for an investment company to intentionally create an environment and culture focused on families.


“This is another example of the firm culture charging forward. Female financial advisors are growing year-over-year, and representation in executive leadership needs to keep pace. My role is to evoke a professional environment for people while we work on deliberate and controlled growth for the firm.”
Tim Whitney

CEO, TradeWinds