Balancing your Good Life portfolio

Jul 19, 2023

What is the definition of financial success? Do those who die with the most money win?

To us, maximizing net worth is only part of the puzzle. Just as important (if not more so?) as optimizing your life for net fulfillment. This mindset might seem to fly in the face of traditional financial planning, and if so, we say, good.

Because at TradeWinds, we have a different idea about what the good life is, and what our role as financial advisors should be. As we say in our brand manifesto, it’s a life goal. To be good at our jobs, good parents, good people. Good goes beyond things. It starts with a belief.

And we believe that true wealth is not just measured in monetary terms, but also in the quality of your time, your health, and what truly matters to you. We call this having a balanced life portfolio, and this is what matters most to us, above dollars and cents.

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The Relationship Index: Money, Time, Happiness, Health

In life, there is an intrinsic relationship index between money and time, as well as between happiness and health. While money can provide opportunities and security, it cannot buy time. As the saying goes, “You can’t buy a minute.” This realization prompts our team to consider a more holistic approach to financial planning, where time, mental health and personal fulfillment become integral parts of your plan.


money triangle

Rather than handing you a 60-page document that dictates your metrics and steps to follow, we aim to create something that reflects your values and aspirations, as well as what season of life you are in. When your plan is built right, it encompasses more than just financial goals. It takes into account your free time, well-being and the activities you cherish with your loved ones. 

We want you to feel good not just about your future, but also your present, and how you spend each day. Because what good are all those zeros on a balance sheet if all the time it takes you to accumulate them makes you miss out on the experiences that truly make your life rich?

These moments that matter to us—the good times—they’re our most precious resource. We want you to enjoy them while time is on your side.


Defining What’s Good for You

All too often, people focus solely on benchmarks and milestones, and forget to reflect on what money affords them. Everyone has personal priorities and different spending habits. So it only makes sense that your life plan, and thus your financial plan, should look different than someone else’s.


Mike would rather spend his disposable income on experiences instead of material things.

Tracey Nobles

Tracey concentrates on keeping her family healthy by having monthly memberships to health-related services.

Miller Hoffman

Miller loves to cook, which enables him to eat healthier while saving money vs. ordering takeout.

Tim Whitney headshot

Tim balances his life portfolio with education and opportunities for his kids, such as school, travel and sports.

Stephanie Williams<br />

Stephanie and her husband choose to stay active, which sets a good example for their kids to do the same.

No financial institution should tell you what’s important to you. Those you work with should listen, hear what’s important to you, and collaborate with you to achieve your goals. We encourage you to consider where you are in life and find the right balance between life, health, and money. What do you value most? What experiences and relationships are essential to you? These questions are crucial in creating a life plan that brings you fulfillment and happiness.

At the core of any good financial advisor/client relationship is the human element. What sets TradeWinds apart is our desire to establish a strong connection with every client and truly understand their values. We want to know your children’s names, your aspirations and the places you dream of visiting. This personal touch allows us to tailor your plan to your unique circumstances, ensuring that your quality of life takes precedence over just accumulating wealth.

After all, money is merely a means to an end, and if that end is a life lived well, we’d call your time here on earth a success.

Onwards with Optimism, The TradeWinds team

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